Thursday, 9 April 2009

Smog, 1888

With thanks to Toby over at the Smoking Lounge, I point you, distinguished reader, to Smog, a fascinating world drawing on many influences, including Cthulhu and Tim Powers' Anubis Gates.

A Victorian world where Victoria herself is protected by Oberon, Lord of the Faeries; where automaton soldiers protect the Palace; where Lord Carter's mastery of necromancy has led to private armies and a labour force of zombies; where the Black Pharoah's Ship sits ominously brooding upon the Thames; where the massive glass Embassy of an alien race sits in Kensington Gardens; and Scotland Yard Zeppelins come across impressive transatlantic ships from New York and ensure the upper class is safe; steamtrams clutter Fleet Street; and electric lights fight the evening gloom of the smog which penetrates every nook and cranny, spreading tentacle-like, engulfing the darkness.

The website is a beautiful construction, containing news, forums, downloads, back-story, and a link to the store where you may purchase items including models of key characters, some of whom you see here.

The Adventures and Musings of Ms Angelica Boron, Steampunk Alchemist

A fascinatingly new Journal has made its appearance on the Aether, being the musings and occurences in the life of one Ms Anglelica Boron, steampunk alchemist, recently relocated to an undisclosed location from Minniwell.

As she settles into her new home, Ms Boron is in the midst of establishing her lab in the cellar, planting seedlings, and exploring her new locale - including the Prestidigital Datamancery and Paraphrenalic Technofetishism Shoppe. Some mysterious happenings are intriguing Ms Boron - such as the parcel of exotic seeds arrived from Kobayashi Saburo - and new acquantances like Mikaeus and his crab-like living hat. Should he be trusted, or has living in a small town left Ms Boron "a little secretive"?

Ms Boron invites "everyone... to post comments and interact" with her and take part in her explorations, either at the blog or via brassgoggles . Adventures await!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A little old-time Razzamatazz!

Again, a little tardy on this, given my journeys around this sceptred isle in the past few weeks, for which I can only profer my heartfelt apologies!

Unfortunately, however, these journeys did not enable the inclusion of "the world's greatest showcase of international burlesque talent" which is the London Burlesque Festival .

Now in its third year, the festival ran from 1-5 April, and included sultry song, sizzling strip tease, vaudeville variety and Burlesque pageantry, with established stars too many to mention (including Honey Moon, Ivy Paige, Mademoiselle Katarina, Millicent Binks, and Dita von Teese) and the rising stars of ‘Neo Burlesque’ competing in the Burlesque ‘Battle Royale’, a showcase and competition featuring 25 of Burlesque’s newest starlets & troupes from across the UK.

With music by Jarmean & DJ Jean-Paul S├ęculaire, Desmond O’Connor & DJ Chaz Royale, the festival is rapidly becoming a mainstay on the burlesque calendar, and provide the chance to step back from the hurly-burly of the modern, depressing, world, and into the glamourous eternal theatre of light and happiness!