Friday, 28 August 2009

Steampunk authors, stories and graphic novels

Time, yet again, for another trawl through the Aether, dragging the Net of Perspicacity behind the dirigable, searching for unknown or esoteric authors of steampunk.

Tucked away in the podsphere is this marvellous site, founded in the middle of last year. An absolute diamond, under creative-commons, Steampod is a podcasting site which includes audio stories and interviews, including with Natania Barron, author of the Aldersgate cycle of stories, using "the steam powered Victrola to listen to stories from the era called Steampunk."

More than this, Steampod asks:

Do you have a short story / diary entry you would like read? Would you like to have your voice recorded for the annals of time reading someone else’s story/diary entry? If so, I would like to hear from you! Please check out our Submission Guidelines.
More recently, the opportunity of assisting with the editing arose, and it appears that the position(s) have not yet been filled. This is a wonderful little site, providing an excellent gateway to the world of steampunk fiction which otherwise may not reach the wider world.

Please, visit the site, and if possible, donate to keep this marvellous gem going.

On a slightly different tack, the 3rd Volume of FreakAngels, the steampunk graphic series written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Paul Duffield will be published in November. What is FreakAngels? Well,

Do you know the 1950s story, "The Midwich Cuckoos?" It's a famous story by John Wyndham. It's been filmed three or four times. "Village of the Damned" being one of them. Think of "FreakAngels" like the kids from "Village of the Damned" grew up and became disaffected teenagers and 20-somethings. That's "FreakAngels."
What more do you need to know?
23 years ago, twelve strange shildren were born in England at exactly the same moment.

6 years ago, the world ended.

This is the story of what happened next.

Beautifully steamy and apocalyptic, FreakAngels is updated every Friday, and is FREE! Get over to the site now and start catching up!

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  1. A short story of Miss Barron's will be published in the upcoming issue of the Gazette!