Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Steampunk Reviews and Steampunk Aristocrat

An interesting new blog has appeared very recently, bridging the gap between the blogosphere and audio-visual reviews.

Brass and Brown Leather aims to be a different kind of blog, produced by the Lady Victoria, "steampunk aristocrat and the creator of Steampunk Reviews" on YouTube. Her reviews seek to bring steampunk to the masses, and cover films, books, clothing, and everything across the steamy aether. Her latest brings a review of The Etched City by Australian KJ Bishop. Her next review features Abney Park, a band which needs no further introduction from me.

More than this - and here is where things become more interesting - Victoria

opted to create this little blog to give those who are interested a further look into the machinations of a woman who has made it her goal to incorporate the steampunk aesthetic into her lifestyle in whatever way possible.
And thus, two postings in, we begin to observe the transformation of Victoria into a full-fledged aristocratic 'punkette, and her journey should prove interesting, both for those embarking upon this journey themselves, and for those further along the jetstream.
A brave step, and one which should be supported heartily! I would urge experienced 'punks and 'punkettes to drop in with helpful hints and advice!

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