Friday, 19 June 2009

Steampunk Stories

Another dip into the aether in search of online steampunk fiction brings another batch of authors into the dazzlingly bright light of scrutiny!

Natania Barron may already be known to some 'punks and 'punkettes out there as the author of the Aldersgate Cycle set in a fantasy steampunk world. As she is no stranger to the aether, you may also listen to her read her The Aldersgate and subscribe to the podcast Alderpod here. As she says:

I figured, in this age of podcasting, why not record what I do? I knew I wanted to share The Aldersgate with readers, and the best method for this, I believe, is the podcast format. It’s storytelling in its most raw form, the oral tradition.
Other projects currently include Pilgrim of the Sky, a novel about a young woman who stumbles into a strange clockwork world. Whilst this is going on, she has also been producing short stories, the latest of which is Castledeck and the Arabella available as a pdf here. I urge you to visit her site.

Also hiding amongst the clouds of the aethernet is the UK's Rooksmoor, a somewhat shy individual who has ventured forth upon The Skyborne Corsair, following two earlier steampunk stories, 'The Grey Commission' and 'Clasped in an Iron Hand'

[The Skyborne Corsair] is a steampunk pirate story. I wanted to have a story in which the pirates were not amoral as they tend to be in the novels of Jules Verne and George Griffith but were clearly evil. I also wanted to react against the racist approaches that Jess Nevins sees as contaminating the Edisonade stories.
Laudible aims, and I urge you to see if he is succeeding!

Meanwhile, for those who wish to try their hand at publication for the new Steampunk Tales on the iPhone, the submission guidelines are here.


  1. This is an excellent resource, and a great selection of steampunk creators - well done! For fear of spamming your blog, I was wondering if you'd be interested in featuring the work of a genre-fiction collective from Malta. Schlock Magazine ( have just released a Steampunk-themed issue, with all-original fiction and illustrations, as well as a themed photoshoot.



  2. Many thanks for your kind praise, Teodor. I try to do something a little different here, and find things which others may not know. In this vein, the pointer towards schlockmagazine is heartily welcome. For clarification, is this the same as the "genre-fiction collective from Malta"? If not, details of the collective would also be welcome!

  3. yes, yes they are one and the same, apologies for my liberal sentence structure! :) looking forward to more discoveries, let me know if you need more news from my end! thanks again

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  5. Dr. Molinarius,

    I do not think I am overly shy, my blog remains active, if a little reduced, but I welcome your nod towards my steampunk writing. I love the idea of me in my small dirigible popping out from among the clouds; dropping missives down into the busier world of steampunk mainstream below.

    Being unemployed currently, I find myself, as always, sapped of inspiration, but I hope in time (and back in work) in the future I will be able to produce a sequel to my novel, 'Clasped in an Iron Hand'.

    I did retreat a little after my contribution of 'The Skyborne Corsair' to The Smoking Room steampunk website elicited a rather prickly response. However, my interest in steampunk (amongst many other things) persists and I hope to produce more such fiction at a later date.

    I am glad to have stumbled across your blog and I look forward to exploring it in depth.

    Yours sincerely,

    Lord Alexander Rooksmoor.

  6. I'm glad you have found your way here, m'Lord! From what I remember, your postings at the Lounge were enjoyable, but a little lengthy for the Forums. The comment about 'shyness' was not derogatory, and I hope you do not take it as such. It is just that there seemed to have been little update on the story. I do enjoy visiting your site, and I hope you continue with your fictive writing"