Friday, 22 May 2009

Crabfu - Steampunk Artiste Extraordinaire

Cruising through the aethernet a few weeks ago, I came across a marvellous gem hidden away in a corner "7th House on the left side, with the tree in front". Mr I-Wei Huang, otherwise known as Crab Fu, describes himself as, amongst other things, a crab trainer, worm counter, and cookie stuffer, but is, in fact, an artiste extra-ordinaire.

Even a short visit to his site will demonstrate the breadth of his interests, and the depth of his abilities. As the introduction to the Crabfu Steamworks notes:

"I'm an artist first and foremost, you can check out some of my artwork and animation Here. Doing something creative and unique is just part of my nature. I'm interested in old tech, but with a twist, in the spirit of steampunk. But form follows function, these ideas must work, otherwise it won't matter how cool they look. I wanted to build the first of its kind using the power of steam, and wacky / silly ranks high in my book...."
The Steamworks is a good place to see his works, but of particular interest to those wanting to imrpove their artistic skills in the steampunk genre will be How to Draw Steampunk Machines . As Mr I-Wei Huang states,

"The purpose of this web page is not to teach you how to draw. I will not be going though the technique, perspective, color, line weight, software, or any of the stuff you can easily surf up. This page is to inform artists who want to draw steampunk machines but don't quite understand how steam works. The focus is to add enough elements to your drawings, to make your steampunk machines more believable."

As the starting and ending images above indicate, this is a resource which fledgling steampunk artists should have stored in their 'Favourites'!
Not only does he draw, Mr I-Wei Huang is also an animator (examples of which may be found here),
and roboteer (winning the Gold Medal winner for Best of Show at RoboGames 2008)!

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