Thursday, 9 April 2009

Smog, 1888

With thanks to Toby over at the Smoking Lounge, I point you, distinguished reader, to Smog, a fascinating world drawing on many influences, including Cthulhu and Tim Powers' Anubis Gates.

A Victorian world where Victoria herself is protected by Oberon, Lord of the Faeries; where automaton soldiers protect the Palace; where Lord Carter's mastery of necromancy has led to private armies and a labour force of zombies; where the Black Pharoah's Ship sits ominously brooding upon the Thames; where the massive glass Embassy of an alien race sits in Kensington Gardens; and Scotland Yard Zeppelins come across impressive transatlantic ships from New York and ensure the upper class is safe; steamtrams clutter Fleet Street; and electric lights fight the evening gloom of the smog which penetrates every nook and cranny, spreading tentacle-like, engulfing the darkness.

The website is a beautiful construction, containing news, forums, downloads, back-story, and a link to the store where you may purchase items including models of key characters, some of whom you see here.

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