Thursday, 5 March 2009

"Cogs" or "Firefly: 1897"

More fitting for the spartanfiction blog, rather than the main, methinks....

Originally starting out as a Steampunk RPG over the Skype network, Cogs was envisaged as "an episodic format akin to a television show rather than the conventional numerical values pen and paper RPG", according to one of its founders and protagonists, Isobel Triumphant.

In her words, "since then, our game has developed into a lovely pastiche of anachronistic technology, Orwellian dystopia, and outrageous pulp that we call Cogs... but we tend to refer to it as Firefly: 1897 for short. Though everyone involved desperately wishes this were an actual show we could watch, we know it will never happen. However, we didn't want to keep this little gem all to ourselves, so we put the transcripts of our Skype chats up on a very comprehensive Wiki site."

Take a step through the aether-portal to a world where "the year is 1897. As the European Enlightenment extends its influence ever farther throughout the world, those who seek to avoid hard labor in the mills or conscription into the war against the Automaton Empire have taken to the sky.

While many who travel the world in dirigibles are outlaws and pirates, others simply strive to make an honest living from their work. The crew of the airship Aether are one such company, but they can't outrun their past and no matter where they turn, the Enlightenment's agents are close behind. As conditions grow more desperate and the shadows behind the airship lengthen, it becomes evident that the Aether's occupants won't be able to set foot safely on land again until the foundations of the Enlightenment itself crumble.

Cogs, a romance of steampunk dystopia, is a chronicle of the Aether crew's adventures in the form of an episodic roleplaying game."

Please, visit Cogs and follow the intrepid crew's adventures in a time that never was!

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