Tuesday, 10 February 2009


For those Ripperologists out there (yes, I'm a bit of an amateur), you may want to pass your eyeballs across this British ITV three-part drama, Whitechapel.

I say 'may want to', as by all accounts it's fascinatingly poor, and weirdly condescendingly addictive - the plot is pretty obvious, the acting awful and awkward, but it's still enjoyable. Critics in the UK can't make up their minds whether they like it or hate it, and tend to say 'both'.

The basic premise is that identical murders (down to the number and location of stab wounds) to the Ripper's are committed on the same sites and on the same dates, and a new 'rising star' police inspector and a wizzened older police sergeant lead a team to investigate. On the plus side, it does have Steve Pemberton (of 'League of Gentlemen' fame) as the expert Ripperologist, and the Ripper character remains an cape-and-aproned mystery thus far.

There have been better uses of the Ripper legend, as the interplay between past and present is woefully underused, but this will do for now!

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