Friday, 13 February 2009

Retropolis - The Future that Never Was

I cannot describe how much I love this site! I discovered it a while ago, and have been treating it as a guilty pleasure, but it is time more people knew about this fantastic place.

This is the world I was promised I'd be living in by now - a glistening utopia of man and robot living in harmony, homosapiens having escaped the earthly bounds and struck for the heavens, forever pushing the frontiers, and asking the question "Hmm, I wonder what's over there?"

As so elegantly put, "If we look back at what we thought was going to happen, then by now we would have had our own personal rocket ships and faithful robot companions; we'd have been blasting out full tilt in time-speed-distance rallies between the moons of Mars, filling up our retro rockets at Interstellar Gulf's hygienic and modern filling stations, and - every now and then - engaging in a heated ray gun battle with the forces of evil. We'd know who they were because they'd be green, they'd have the wrong number of eyes, and they'd be clutching shrieking - if politically undeveloped - space women in tight-fitting outfits."

The Future is, sadly, indeed not what it used to be. We should be out there by now.

As so succinctly put, it's not rocket science. Well, it is, but you know what I mean...

So, please, visit Retropolis, browse, shop, buy, and make the world of tomorrow a reality today!

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