Thursday, 18 December 2008

Dark Rising

Wonderfully dark artistic renderings on this almost transcendally tactile site,
curtesy of the imagination of Mr Aly Fell.

3D animator, modeller and concept artist, Mr Fell has produced
a gallery of the disturbingly interesting characters in a variety of worlds, including steampunk, dieselpunk, and gothic fairytale. The character depicted on the right here is 'Gun Totin' Hick', and below, Lady Frances Drake.

Please visit his site for more treats for the eyeballs.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Mechtorians

A fantastic world where Prof Maximillian Whistlecraft, friend of Herbert Wells, informed of the imminent destruction of England by the Martians, concluded the best way to avoid this was not to engage the wretched invaders in battle but simply move everybody out of their way.

With a Translation Engine of a suitable size and power, he might move everything in England out of harms way to a small blue green planet circling a star at the edges of the visible galaxy.

Realising the good people of England would not abandon all they knew for some strange new world on the strength of a single man's word, he sent ahead a mechanised workforce to build all that the future inhabitants would expect of a decent English society, in order to ease their transition.

Whistlecraft and the English never arrived. Two hundred years later these Mechtorians have never known the fate of their creator and his people...